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Meet the Cooks

Meet the Cooks

Kimberly and Clint began their journey as foster parents in early 2015 after a period of prayer and feeling God leading them to this ministry. They came to UH4C with the desire to foster and hopefully adopt a child. While Clint and Kimberly knew God was leading them to serve Him through foster care, they felt strongly about the preferences they had for the children to be placed in their homes. They found themselves setting preferences based on what they believed was best for their home and considering all the unknowns that foster care can bring. Clint and Kimberly took that step into ministry and opened their home with their preferences set very specifically. But our God, who is bigger than the unknown, had other plans.

With their home opened, the Cooks got the call for a potential placement and learned that two precious little girls were in the need of a loving, Christian home. But, the girls did not match the Cook’s preferences. Rather than immediately saying “no”, Clint and Kimberly went to the Lord. They asked God to guide them in this as He had guided them to enter foster care. And God’s answer for the Cooks, and these two precious children was the same as His answer for all of us who need to be “adopted” by grace. He said “yes” and so did the Cooks. They stepped out of their comfort zone and brought Shayleigh and Harmony into their home.

Fast forward two years and God has moved mountains and the Cooks have now legally adopted Shayleigh and Harmony. All because the Cooks said yes. They said yes to fostering. They said yes to stepping outside their comfort zone and they said yes to Christ.

Clint and Kimberly and their sweet family are an incredible example of God’s grace in rescuing us. They followed God’s call and out of obedience opened their hearts and home to these sweet girls whose lives will never be the same.

  • Tim McCoy
    Posted at 00:13h, 27 June

    Great story about a commendable family!

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