UH4C | Become A Care Team
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Become A Care Team

At Uniting Hope 4 Children we believe that all families thrive when they have the supports they need. We also believe that the local church and UH4C can work together to provide a community of care that surrounds each foster family with the unique supports that are suited to those families. We are committed to ensure that families succeed in their calling to foster and that they are supported both by UH4C and by their local faith family: their church. This is in the best interest of the foster family and foster children because it builds a care community, or team, around the foster family to meet their needs. A unique feature of providing these supports is that others who may not be called to foster directly can still be involved in foster care ministry by supporting and ministering to and alongside foster families.


We achieve this through strategic partnerships with Promise 686 and Chosen for Life Ministries. These unique partners work with churches to establish care teams around foster families to provide practical, local, and needed support during the fostering journey. Chosen for Life works with churches and families in Oconee and Clarke counties and Promise 686 works with churches throughout the state. Many of our churches are already partnering with these great ministries. If your church would like to do so, please contact our team at @info@uh4c.org, or refer your pastor or ministry leader to contact UH4C.


Our goal at UH4C is not just to ensure that foster children are cared for in Christian foster homes, but to ensure that those foster families are strengthened, encouraged, and supported in every step they take. It is a unique and wonderful act for a family to open their home to a child. However, without the proper support, that unique act of ministry can become very challenging. We at UH4C seek to support foster families through our direct support ministries.


By providing these unique, powerful support systems and working with Promise and Chosen for Life to build local church supports for foster families, we are able to live out the words of 1 Peter 4:10 –


10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.


We are able to come together so that every church and every Christian can find a place to serve in foster care ministry. Together we can see the lives of children and families changed and see God glorified as He uses us.