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Comparison Trap

Comparison Trap


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt spoke these words. Roosevelt was a president, soldier, police commissioner, author and conservationist. He was a man who spent most of his life being compared to others and by others but he chose not to compare himself to anyone. Roosevelt understood clearly that each of us is different. Our lives, situations, hopes, and dreams are all different. The family content to live in a small home is no better or worse than the family in a massive home. They are just different. But when we begin to compare we somehow find that what satisfied us a moment ago is now on the scales against what someone else has or does.

Roosevelt’s words are a good life lesson in general but particularly for anyone serving as a foster parent or in foster care ministry. Each situation is different, every child is different, every court case, DFCS worker and case plan are different. As much as we all wish there was a guaranteed road map, there is not. But the wonderful thing about following Christ in foster care and in any form of ministry is that instead of looking around in comparison, we get to look UP, to Christ and to what He is calling us to, where He is leading us. Even in His earthly ministry, Christ was difficult to compare. He taught differently than anyone else, spoke differently and was all together incomparable.

Each of us has a different role to play and a different road to walk. What matters is that instead of looking around at others, we look ahead at Christ, our guide, as Hebrews 12:2 says “the Author and Perfecter of our faith”. Today as you walk with Christ, walk not in comparison to others, but in obedience to Him.

-Tom Covington

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