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UH4C | Water Day and Keeping a Plane in the Air
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Water Day and Keeping a Plane in the Air

Water Day and Keeping a Plane in the Air


Yesterday, we had “Water Day” at UH4C. No pipes broke but we had a great time. It was the final mother’s morning out of the summer and it was a blast. There was a massive slip-n-slide, ice cream, pizza and lots of tired people by the end of it. Water day is always a highlight of the summer. To make this special event happen, it takes a lot of work and a lot of people. We were blessed to have so many people make this happen.  Church at the Grove brought their staff and volunteers, the Walton Fire Department was amazing, and we had lots of volunteers, UH4C staff and foster parents all on hand to make this day happen. It took LOTS of people to make something awesome happen.

In many ways water day is a lot like life and certainly like life for a foster family, so many things are needed and so much support must be in place. I grew up as an Air Force “brat”. My dad was an aviator before and during the Vietnam War. Dad’s job was to fly the plane. But alongside my dad were a whole team of people that kept the plane in the air. From the guy on the ground who fueled it up to the guy that kept the electronics working to the person in the tower giving directions, everyone had a job and everyone was essential. One person was flying the plane while a host of others supported him.

I see our foster parents so much in this image. They are out front, doing the difficult work and they need all the support we can give them. Whether it is the local church, life group, friends, family, case managers, UH4C staff, we all have a role to play. When I go to speak to churches I often say that not everyone is called to be a foster parent (and it IS a calling) but everyone can find a role to play. I truly believe that. So today I want to salute, thank and praise each of you that has opened your home, heart and life to care for foster children. I want to encourage the rest of us to find our place in foster care ministry and be the support that those amazing foster families need.

– Tom Covington

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